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first con of 2015: yourminicon
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Ahh, so, tomorrow is my first convention of the year! Exciting! It's a first-year con, and I don't exactly have high expectations for it, but it's local, and it was cheap, and it's good to support first-year cons! DerpyCon, back in December, was a first-year con in New Jersey, and it ended up being super fantastic. Of course, I went with a group of friends, and I am doing tomorrow's con alone, so it might skew my opinion a bit.

I was torn most of the week about whether I wanted to go as Alois (Maid Version), or Himari from Penguindrum. I finished both costumes last month, but I haven't had a chance to showcase either them at a convention! I'm leaning toward Himari, though, because none of my cosplayer friends are into Penguindrum, so I might as well go as Himari while doing a con solo.

Ohhh, and my friend somehow talked me into going to Katsucon next month. I have no idea how she managed to persuade me. I already have so many goddamn conventions on my list for this year, yet I get talked into Katsucon, one big con I was purposely dodging? Ahhh, Bianca, you have no self-control! BUT, HOW COULD I RESIST WHEN A ROUND-TRIP PLANE TICKET WAS ONLY $140? Wahhhhhhh. I'm SUPER excited about it, though. And, thankfully, there is a long gap between Katsu and Anime Boston, so there's enough time to save up money again! brb dying poor because of anime cons.

my shiny icons are back, and it's exciting!
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So, um. I'm going to Florida for the weekend, because my grandma passed away (on Christmas, yikes), and the memorial is this Saturday. I haven't been to Florida in a long, long time; usually, my grandma would fly up here to visit us. My mom, my sister and myself are actually her only living relatives, so we're pretty much in charge of everything. I'm sure this will be the beginning of quite a headache, since her "estate" is first going to probate. I honestly have no idea how any of this works, but I guess we'll see.

It's strange to no longer have any grandparents. My grandma was a very unique woman. Strange and very particular. Always slightly off. But, she was supportive in everything I did, and she really loved me. She came to my high school graduation, helped pay for college, helped get me to Brooklyn. She always sent bizarre birthday/Christmas gifts. I will miss her crazy grandmotherly ways.

Well, to prevent this post from being totally depressing, I guess I should try and establish some kind of convention schedule. More for my own sanity. There are so many cons I want to attend, but I can't do them all, especially alone. Conventions can be dirt cheap when you have friends with whom to travel and lodge. Pretty much any con in the Tri-State area is doable, for me, but there are a few further away that will cost a pretty dime (like AnimeExpo, wahh).

Anyway~ here is a list of cons I am planning to (hopefully) hit up, this year. The bolded ones are definite.
YourMiniCon (Meriden, CT) - January 17-18
Anime Boston (Boston, MA) - April 3-5

AnimeNext (Somerset, NJ) - June 12-14
PortConMaine (South Portland, ME) - June 25-28
AnimeExpo (Los Angeles, CA) - July 2-5
ConnectiCon (Hartford, CT) - July 9-12
Otakon (Baltimore, MD) - July 24-26
DragonCon (Atlanta, GA) - September 4-7
New York Comic-Con (NYC) - October 8-11

DerpyCon (Morristown, NJ) - December (Exact dates TBA)
Non-convention related; but, as for festivals: I'm doing Governor's Ball and, most likely, Lollapalooza (possibly Outside Lands, as well?). So many festivals and conventions! I have a headache already. ;_;

2015: The Rivival of Bianca's LJ
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Okay! So, I think I made this "resolution" in 2013 to start using LiveJournal again in 2014, but that obviously did not happen, ha. But, I am truly going to attempt to start using LiveJournal again, because I miss it like crazy, and I actually have shit to talk about these days!

I've started cosplaying again! THIS IS A BIG DEAL. I've been such a sad, pathetic groupie for the past two years, traveling to different States and countries to follow bands and be insane (one day, I will properly chronicle these adventures, because I have INSANE band stories); but, as of fall of last year, I've started to revisit my cosplaying adventures, and I don't particularly like using Tumblr to post about my life, so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to reuse LiveJournal.

SoOOOOoooo, 98% of my friends list here hasn't updated in years; therefore, I don't expect much of a response from anyone, but I'm mostly going to start posting for myself.

Cosplay adventures! Progress posts! PATHETIC COSPLAY WOES. You know, the usual.

Also, I am most likely going to lock all my entries up until this point (eventually). First, I want to reread every entry I posted on this journal, because I think that will be quite the trip down memory lane.

i'm sitting at my desk, back home
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WOW, HELLO. I am home in Connecticut for an extended weekend, and I am sitting at my desk, where I spent at least 90% of my nights from 2008-2010, specifically on LiveJournal. It feels weird. I don't have a computer mouse these days, and I haven't used one in quite a while--yet, here at my desk, I keep reaching it for it, rather than my mousepad. IT IS A RESULT OF HOW FUCKING WEIRD IT FEELS TO BE SITTING AT THIS DESK AGAIN, AFTER SO MANY YEARS.

Yeah. That's about it. I feel like I am 19 years-old again. It's hot in my room, and I am staring at my wall, full of South Park and Pokemon fanart. I kind of miss being 19 years-old. But, I am missing Brooklyn more, right now. I GUESS I SHOULD ENJOY THIS BREAK WHILE I CAN, BECAUSE IT'S BACK TO NYC ON MONDAY, AND IDK WHAT'S GOING ON, I JUST MISS LIVEJOURNAL, AND I WANT TO USE IT AGAIN.


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